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Laura Flores Cailloux: Educator
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Do the best you can till you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.
Maya Angelou
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Regenerate Cascadia


The world of non-profits is a crowded space, with everyone competing for attention and funding. Many times, the success of an organization is not so much a reflection on their work, but on the effectiveness of their outreach, marketing and the vehicles they use to deliver their information.

Video content is certainly the medium of choice these days as it can connect with a viewer in a short timeframe in a more emotional way.


Since the growth of Zoom and the isolated connectedness of the COVID era, many people have reached a visual media saturation point and use zoom more as a utility than as a source of information.


Websites have lost much of their value since the growth of social media, and have generally been relegated to being a utility. Websites that are packed with content rarely achieve ‘click throughs’ beyond two levels.


Shifting the style and layout of a website’s landing page to that of a weekly magazine format, fed by a simple newsletter that links to the landing page offers greater possibilities.


The content should be led by video, which links to related useful resources, and allows for viewer feedback



Content is everything - The content needs to reflect the goals of the platform but this doesn't mean that the type of content must only reflect the subjects of climate and regeneration. A wide range of subjects are needed to engage with a wider audience which would lead to a cross-pollination of viewership - and outcomes.

For a platform of this nature to be successful, the production of content needs to be on-going, well produced and in volume. There are a number of approaches to production, and a combination of approaches would help create a sustainable production line.



A studio as a fixed location for interviews means it’s possible to record up to 3 interviews per day.


Studio hybrid

A hybrid studio and large screen format for remote guests combines the studio and integrated zoom feed of guest.


Location projects

Location recording should be possible to cover 2 stories per day, depending on locations and proximity to each other.



Short, focused videos telling stories that humanize and provide useful information can be a powerful tool and can have the ability to change minds and behavior. However, well-crafted videos can come across as being prescriptive and overly polished.


Studio talk shows are generally less visually dynamic, but an exploration and conversation between two people can be more powerful and provide a deeper insight in a particular subject. Adding video content to the talk show dramatically improves this.


Ultimately, the effectiveness of talk shows or video stories will depend on the audience profile, the subject of the film and the nature of the discussion.


Having access to both options would be a powerful combination.

Structure and flow
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TMV is a for-profit organization and generates income from fees and advertising. Grants and donations from federal & local government, organizations and companies can indirectly accrue to TMV through fees to 501 C3 companies that engage with TMV.

Content that is produced for 501 C3 organizations would be eager to promote their content on the video platform as it would increase their reach.


Producing more of the same is going to give you more of the same results. Preaching to the choir is safe, but the potential audience is split between a multitude of non-profits, all struggling to get viewers and the funding that may go along with that.


As a non-profit, the funding options would generally revolve around grants and sponsorships. However, with reasonable local viewing figures it may be possible to attract some advertising too.


Video media could be the engine that would move the subject of regeneration forward in an accessible way and would widen the audience profile in terms of age, gender and background.

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