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Every business has a story

A twelve part video series about business innovators that turned ordinary into extraordinary

Episode One: Goodwinds Composites

Amelia Cook, owner of Goodwinds Composites, talks about how she and her brother took a business that distributed composite parts for hobby models, and turned it into a composites producer. Most notably, her company produced the landing gear on the NASA Mars Helicopter, currently exploring the surface of Mars.

This is a must-watch video for anyone interested in learning how a small, regional company can compete with the giants of innovation and industry.

This is the first episode in a series for 12 episodes, which explores the story behind the people, products and events that shape business in Skagit County. These candid, personal stories from business owners provide compelling viewing, insights and inspiration for those looking to develop their own businesses. And they also illustrate why it’s just great to live and do business in Skagit County.

The series is produced by Transmediavision, a Mount Vernon-based company, in collaboration with EDASC, the Economic Development Council of Skagit County.


If you are an EDASC Investor and have a story to tell about your Skagit County business, or would like to sponsor an upcoming episode, contact EDASC Communications Manager Aaron Weinberg at

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