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Skagit Business Café 

Skagit Business Café is a 12-part series, focusing on twelve unique and successful companies in Skagit County.


Each episode explores the story behind the people that brought the company to where it is today. Candid personal stories from the CEOs provide compelling viewing, insights, and inspiration for those looking to develop the 'next big thing.'

Episode One

Episode One tells the story of Amelia Cook and 'Goodwinds Composites, a small, unassuming company based in Mount Vernon, that went from being an online hobby supply business, to a producer of integral parts of NASA's mars helicopter.


This is a wonderful story that will inspire other businesses out there, as well as promote a greater sense of pride in Skagit County. The sky is no longer the limit!

Skagit Business Café is designed to be informative, entertaining and useful, consisting of:

  1.  A company profile of up to 15 minutes of interviews and accompanying visuals

  2.  A sponsored presented sequence, providing useful and relevant information to the business community.       More on this is covered in the sponsorship section below.

The objectives of the series:

  • Profile and support local businesses.

  • Leverage marketing opportunities, inspiration and economic stimulation through storytelling.

  • Support networking and funding opportunities through profiling.

Sponsorship opportunities

Skagit Credit Bureau


Sponsor exposure would include the following options:

Naming rights

Opening tiles of video

Skagit Credit Bureau Presents (fictitious company)


10-second 'in-video' lower third banner


Naming rights

15-second video trailer / promo

Skagit Credit Bureau Presents (fictitious company)

Newsletter-linked logo banner

Website-linked logo banner


Static banners

Active exposure

Ideally, the sponsor would have an association with the company or product featured. 

A video production featuring the sponsor would consist of a director from the company, sharing useful information. This could be general business tips, advice, or a story of experience - all of which would act as marketing for the sponsor.

Company commercial (optional)

The sponsor has the option of having a 20-sec commercial that profiles its company and services. This would typically consist of a scripted presentation by the CEO or marketing person, intercut with supporting graphics and visuals.

Costs & exposure
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